About Us

Who Are We?

Fishing Advisories are a small fishing group based in Sweden. Today consists Fishing Advisories of four sportfishers that have decided to open a fishing blog, to spread our knowledge and help both beginners and professionals to become better sportfishers. Because we are based in Sweden are we primary fishing after northern pike but it also happens that we fish after zander and perch. Our mainly focus are on the predatory fishes but we are slowly trying to go after carp, tench and bream since the fishing style is a bit diffrent and sometimes more enjoyable.

Our Goals

Our goals is to spread as much knowledge as possible and help all type of sportfishers regardless of the species you are fishing for. The tips and information will mainly be written by our team and the content will most likely be about information and tips that we find usefull.

As the site grows our goal will be to recommend diffrent fishing spots around the world as the Fishing Advisories community grows.

Why We Need Your Help

Fishing Advisories need all the help we can get to spread both information and tips to our beloved readers but to do this we need your help! If you have any tips or information that you wish so share dont hesitate to contact us, we welcome all kinds of tips with open arms.